Welcome to Boston Racers Store February 12 2014

Hello, and welcome to the Boston Racers Motor Gear Blog. I have launched this site to share my interest in motor-sports, especially the good old days of historic riders and racers that now seem larger than life to us. My goal is to provide items that remind us of those times in the past that always come to mind when we attend a meet, race or event. While I am new to blogging, I will give it my best shot to hold your interest and keep you coming back to visit and offer some things you might like. Attached is a video from Youtube posted by itcomesfromthegarage I had seen this on "What's in the Garage" on Velocity Channel. It is filmed by a guy from Czech Republic and is one of the earliest films of its type to be still in existence. Enjoy and come back soon. Like us on Facebook. www.facebook.com/bostonracers#caferacers #vintageracers