Vintage Logos: #2 in a series. April 05 2014

  Rudge Whitworth Cycles was a British bicycle, bicycle saddle, motorcycle and sports car wheel manufacturer that resulted from the merger of two bicycle manufacturers in 1894, Whitworth Cycle Co of Birmingham, founded by Charles Henry Pugh (1840-1901) and his two sons Charles Vernon and John, and Rudge Cycle Co of Coventry (which descended from a bicycle company founded by Daniel Rudge of Wolverhampton). Rudge motorcycles were produced from 1911 to...

Vintage Logos: #1 in a series. March 18 2014

The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA). BSA began in June 1861 in the Gun Quarter, Birmingham, England founded specifically to manufacture guns by machinery. It was formed by a group of fourteen gunsmith members of the Birmingham Small Arms Trade Association. Many of the original Motorcycle companies started out as arms manufacturers. This fact alone may be the origins of motorcycle culture being badass!

Two Wheeled Wisdom. Let's be careful out there kids. March 13 2014

The 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe. The first car to be listed on the National Historic Register. February 26 2014

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Welcome to Boston Racers Store February 12 2014

Hello, and welcome to the Boston Racers Motor Gear Blog. I have launched this site to share my interest in motor-sports, especially the good old days of historic riders and racers that now seem larger than life to us. My goal is to provide items that remind us of those times in the past that always come to mind when we attend a meet, race or event. While I am...
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